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Adult Dog Classes


Adult dog class overview


We aim to help you teach your dog obedience and good manners with people and other dogs.

These classes are for adult dogs of any age. We cover all the items in the Kennel Club Awards, and a few more items added in!

If you wish to, you can take these Awards at the club. If you prefer not to take the Award, but just train to that standard, we are

happy for you to do that.

You will start at the Bronze Award level, and then progress through the classes as your dog learns, through the Silver Award level, and then the Gold Award level, and beyond (if you wish). Please click on the links to each Award to see what that Award consists of.

Classes will involve:

  • Other people. Being in close proximity to other people helps socialise your dog. All the classes will involve the trainers touching your dog at some point to help socialise with strangers – we will help you teach your dog to react nicely if they are shy or boisterous. (Please note that dogs with severe behaviour problems need to see a behaviourist rather than attend classes.)

  • Mixing with other dogs. In the classes, you will be teaching your dog to attend to your commands even when other dogs are close by.

  • Basic obedience. The entry level class teaches basic obedience. This includes loose lead walking, recall, handling your dog, and general good behaviour.

  • Advanced obedience. In the more advanced level classes we build on the basic obedience you have already taught: Teach your dog to go to a mat and settle down. Teach your dog to stop still from running – a safety measure in case of danger.
    Progress heel to a high standard, including heel off-lead, and recalling directly into heel. Teach your dog to stay in position for a couple of minutes or longer, including while you go out of sight for a while. We will set up exercises to improve obedience under distracting circumstances, e.g. recalling away from food, toys, or other dogs.
    You will also teach your dog to walk past temptations. Another advanced exercise is to leave your dog in a relaxed fashion for a short while, whilst you go out of sight, without your dog becoming distressed or noisy.


  • Play time and fun activities. Play is about fun, rewards and control! You can teach your dog to bring back toys and to drop them on command. We sometimes have team competitions in the classes, which are a fun way to learn. Members are also welcome to come to fun days outside of our courses, where we play games, go on club walks or do other activities.

  • Families. We are happy for families to attend and for children to take part in training.

  • Individual help. Trainers are available to discuss any issues with which you would like additional one-to-one help just before or after the classes. We also keep the classes small enough to give individual advice during the class practices.

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How to join us

Basic obedience training for adult dogs and puppies

Further information


Please contact us to ask if we have spaces.

If we give you a place, you will need to complete a Registration Form, which we will send to you.


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