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Dogs' Christmas Party 2019

Fun games based on obedience, followed by a barbecue


Meet some of the participants:

Day and time of training classes



“Round and round”: Handlers must put their dog into a Stay and walk round the dog. There are three stations, for Sit-Stay, Down-Stay and Stand-Stay. After the last station, the next team member goes.


“Noughts and crosses”: Only two teams for this one - the X team and the O team. Handlers place their dog in a Stay in square in a grid, just like entering o and x in noughts and crosses. The catch is that if the dog gets up – that square becomes free again. Handlers in advanced classes must leave the dog, handlers in less advanced classes can stay with their dog.

followed by ...... “Sausage Santa”: Handlers approach Santa. The dog must sit. Santa gives them a sausage. Then the next dog approaches.

The dogs seem to rather like this game, I wonder why?


With our thanks to Bruce for taking photos of the day.

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