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Grahame started training at dog clubs in 2006. Since that date, he has successfully trained many dogs though the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme, all the way from Bronze through to Gold. He has also trained dogs in further obedience and behaviour after they have already gained their Gold Award. His main aim in training is to give owners the tools and confidence to control and enjoy their dogs.
He lives in Oxford and has two White German Shepherds, Zenzi and Skeena. Grahame trained his previous dogs Chinook and Candie

(both German Shepherds), and Inca (a Golden Retriever) to the Gold standard of the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme. He and his wife, Janie, have trained Zenzi, who has successfully completed the Gold Award, and who was part of the Gold display team at Crufts in 2014. Grahame has trained his youngest dog, Skeena, through to a successful Gold Award. Skeena has also just passed her level 5 Scentwork UK.

Grahame Godby

Grahame is:

He has attended many relevant courses:

  • Ian Dunbar's 4 day course covering Practical Application of Theory, Dog Friendly Dog Training Done Right, Training Adult Dogs, and Puppy Classes and Games.

  • 2009: The Instructors Workshop and the Advanced Instructors Workshop run by Odin Canine Services. 2014: The updated version of the Instructors workshop.

  • 2012: An educational weekend for the Kennel Club Accreditation Scheme for Instructors (KCAI), covering Nose Work for Companion Dogs, The Companion Dog Class, Teaching Techniques Master Class, and a Behaviour Consultation Seminar.

  • 2012: A lecture in “Beyond Socialisation” organised by Four Paws.

  • 2012: A seminar on “Dog Law” given by Trevor Cooper.

  • 2013: A “Dog First Aid Training Course”.

  • 2015: “The Canine Collective Noun” run at Crufts by Ross McCarthy and Lez Graham.

  • 2015: “Dangerous Dogs – Are Puppy Parties to Blame?” run by Jane Hanshaw KCAI (CDA, BehA) and Jeannette Watson.

  • 2015: The “Reactive Dog” workshop run by John Rogerson.

  • 2016: “Canine Behaviour: An Introduction”, a seminar run by Dr Muriel Brasseur and the University of Oxford.

  • 2017: “Analysing Instructor Skills”, a seminar run by the PDTI (Pet Dog Training Instructors).

  • 2017: A seminar about aggression in dogs, given by Nick Honor.

  • 2018: A seminar entitled “The Power of Dogs”, hosted by Dogs for Good.

  • 2018: “Canine Body Language” , a seminar given by Muriel Brasseur.

  • 2019: “The State of the Art of Dog Behaviour: From Science to Practice” , a conference organised by the Dogs' Trust.

  • 2022: The Ultimate Dog Training Instructor Course by Russell Becque, CEO. The Academy of Modern Canine Behaviour & Training.

Grahame is the Membership Secretary on the Four Paws' Committee.

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