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The Kennel Club

The Kennel Club provides advice on dog welfare, health, training and breeding. It runs a Good Citizen Dog Scheme for companion dogs. Under this scheme, dogs showing different levels of obedience and controlled, sociable behaviour can gain Bronze, Silver or Gold Awards.



Some useful web publications from DEFRA

DEFRA: Code of practice

Under the Animal Welfare Act (2006), dog owners have a legal duty to look after their pet. This leaflet states what is required. It's a comprehensive, but easy to read leaflet, describing basic care of dogs. You can also read the full act.

DEFRA: about the Dangerous Dogs Act

The law about dangerous dogs changed in May 2014. You have responsibilities regarding your dog's behaviour, and the law can be brought to bear should your dog be deemed dangerous. You can read the full Dangerous Dogs Act 1991. Here is a summary of the 2014 changes.

DEFRA: controlling your dog in public

There are laws about fouling, a dog being out of control, dogs and livestock, when you must keep dogs on lead, the number of dogs that can be walked together and other issues. You may also be interested in reading about Dog Control Orders.


Cooper and Co. Solicitors: specialists in dog law

Cooper and Co. Solicitors provide specialist legal advice and help for dog related issues. They also provide resources such as seminars, videos and DVDs. The website also provides some useful free information on laws regarding dogs.


Blue Cross: laws that all dog owners need to know

Laws relating to dog ownership explained in any easily digested way.


On-line leaflets about health

Information on canine health from the Kennel Club


Desensitise your dog to sounds: free downloads

If your dog is scared of thunder, fireworks, or traffic, then desensitisation to these noises can really help. You can download the sounds from this website. Download the accompanying booklet to learn how to desensitise. Puppies can also benefit from getting used to many noises, and there are downloads for this too.


Burns Pet Nutrition

Burns makes natural, holistic dog and cat food. Their philosophy is to promote animal health using natural ingredients, without additives or artificial preservatives.


Dog Club

We are listed on the Dog Club site.


Fact sheets from the Blue Cross

Training, health care, coping with changes ... all sorts of leaflets are available!


Dogs' Trust help with training

Simple, effective videos on training commands and good behaviour. Easy to understand factsheets.


Animal Blood Register

Your dog can save another dog's life! You can register for your dog to be a blood donor.


National Pet Register

A free national database for lost and found Pets. You can add a pet to the lost list or report a found pet.

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