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Meet our instructors


Matt Letts
Assistant Instructor

Matt has recently joined the Four Paws instructors as a trainee.

He first joined the club in 2020 with his wife and their German Shepherd puppy Lemon. Lemon was initially a very nervous dog and this was not helped by lockdown, and as she grew up she became extremely reactive to other dogs and people. Faced with these challenges, Matt and his wife were determined to help Lemon overcome her reactivity and become a well-behaved and happy dog.

Through hard work, dedication, and the invaluable advice and support of the club's experienced trainers, Matt and his wife were able to transform Lemon into a

well-adjusted and social dog. The process not only improved Lemon's behavior but also significantly strengthened the bond between Matt, his wife, and their beloved pet.

Having experienced the club's positive impact firsthand, Matt firmly believes that Four Paws is an excellent place for dog owners to meet, share experiences, and work together to improve their dog's behavior and training. He is passionate about obedience training as a means to strengthen the connection between people and their dogs, and is eager to share his knowledge and experiences with other members of the club.

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