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Puppy Classes


Puppy course overview


When and where

What the course includes

Quiet control


We show you how to teach Sit in front of you – useful for attention and control.

We also show you how to teach Sit beside you – useful before heelwork.

Sit in front of handler.

Sit beside handler.



Sat in front of handler

Sat beside handler

Teaching Sit


We will teach you how to reward effectively. Rewards can be titbits, play, touch or verbal praise. Good rewarding includes good timing, calmness, and consistency. And we will teach you to fade out luring, so that your dog is not dependant on titbits before they will obey a command.



Sit: a reward only comes when the dog stays

in position and titbits are

taken gently



Your puppy learns obedience and good manners with people and other dogs.

  • Puppy Class:
    09:45am – 10:30am on Sundays. See 
    calendar for dates of courses.

  • At Hinksey Heights Golf Club, South Hinskey, Oxfordshire.

  • See our Classes and Venue pages for more information.

  • Other dogs. We help you teach your puppy both to interact with other dogs and leave them
    when required. Your dog develops confidence and learns canine social etiquette.

  • Other people. Our classes are family orientated. Your puppy will have the opportunity to
    learn how to interact with all sorts of people.

  • Play sessions. Playing helps build your bond with your puppy, teaches them to interact nicely
    with people, and it is fun.

  • Obedience commands. Among others, we teach sit, down, stand, recall, giving up a toy,
    and leave.

  • Walking on lead. We will show you how to stop your puppy pulling, and we will teach heelwork
    on or off lead.

  • Good manners. We will show you how to stop your puppy nipping and jumping up. We aim for
    dogs to be safe and gentle with people.

  • Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme. You have the opportunity of teaching your puppy to
    Puppy Foundation level of the Good Citizen Dog Training Scheme.

Between exercises, we help you keep your puppy calm. This helps you understand how to teach

your puppy to settle. It also keeps the class environment peaceful, so that all can learn. We will

ask you to bring something for your puppy to settle on, like a bed, mat or towel.

We are happy for families or pairs of handlers to attend the classes.

Where appropriate, families can help each other. At other times, we ask for one handler only
with their dog, while others watch; this minimizes confusion for the puppy.

If you wish to attend with children, please contact us beforehand for clarification.

How to join

Please contact us to ask if we have spaces.

If we give you a place, you will need to complete a Registration Form, which we will send to you.

Further information


Please click links below for further information


the handler


We will help you teach your puppy to pay attention to their name. If appropriate, you can teach Watch-Me, where the dog pays undivided attention over several seconds or minutes (as required).



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