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Meet our instructors



Liz Hodgson

Liz’s interest in dogs is life-long. While at school, she did a summer job helping out in a boarding kennels, and she was a veterinary nurse for 2 years, when the profession had just started in the mid 60's. She has also worked in biological sciences on and off through the years.
She previously owned a Cavalier King Charles and a Pug. While she taught them some basic behavioural skills, she didn't have the knowledge to teach them more, so when she got Thomas, her Chocolate Labrador puppy, she decided to learn how to train a well behaved dog from the start, and she joined Four Paws, in our puppy class. Thomas has since passed his Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards in the
Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme.
Liz also enjoys taking Thomas to other activities. She and Thomas have attended regular agility classes in the past. Her current interest is training Thomas in scent work with Scentwork UK.
She became an instructor at Four Paws because she really wants to help other people get the pleasure from well behaved dogs they can take anywhere, but still have lots of fun.

She has attended several relevant courses:

  • 2013: The Instructors Workshop and the Advanced Instructors Workshop run by Odin Canine Services. 2014: The updated version of the Instructors workshop.

  • 2013: A “Dog First Aid Training Course”.

  • 2013: A day of Freestyle dancing for dogs.

  • 2015: The “Reactive Dog” workshop run by John Rogerson.

  • 2017: “Analysing Instructor Skills”, a seminar run by the PDTI (Pet Dog Training Instructors).

  • 2017: A seminar about aggression in dogs, given by Nick Honor.

  • 2018: A seminar entitled “The Power of Dogs”, hosted by Dogs for Good.

  • 2018: “Making Your Classes Fun and Effective”, a seminar given by Kamal Fernandez.

  • 2018: “Shaping Skills”, a seminar given by Kamal Fernandez.

  • 2018: “Canine Body Language” , a seminar given by Muriel Brasseur.

  • 2022: The Ultimate Dog Training Instructor Course by Russell Becque, CEO. The Academy of Modern Canine Behaviour & Training.

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